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Services: gear

White Rock, Inc. utilizes the latest technology in machinery, programming, and cutting tools to
achieve today’s standards of extreme tight tolerances. Each year, old equipment is replaced, or
new equipment is purchased to maintain cutting edge machine technology.  White Rock, Inc. is a
great source for prototyping and can often machine complex parts in one operation, thus saving
time and money for the customer.



Our machining capabilities range from 3 Axis up to 9 Axis. Machines are capable of Turning,
Cross Drilling, Milling, Broaching and many other operations.

Screw Machine Capabilities: .010”-1.625” +/-.0002”

VMC Capabilities: 40”x20”x12” +/-.0005”

White Rock, Inc. has local relationships with outside contractors that specialize in heat treating,
passivation, anodizing, coatings, and other needs of our customers.

Material examples include, but are not limited to:

  • - Aluminum
  • - Brass
  • - Bronze
  • - Copper
  • - Stainless Steel
  • - Steel
  • - Titanium
  • - Acetal
  • - Nylon
  • - Peek
  • - Polycarb
  • - Techtron
  • - Teflon
  • - Ultem